Thermalhotel Leitner

17 07 2024
24 07 2024

How it all started...

The history of our house

With a huge portion of courage and the family behind them, Günther and Ingrid Leitner laid the foundation stone for the construction of today’s Thermalhotel Leitner in Loipersdorf in 1980. The house was built as a hotel garni and opened in September 1983. After the initial “lows” caused by the devastating fire at the Loipersdorf thermal baths just two weeks after the hotel opened, there was a larger influx of guests after the reconstruction.

Mr. Günther Leitner, together with the Loipersdorf tourism experts, Dr. Wagner, Franz Stoiser and Franz Kowald, played a key role as pioneers in the development of the Loipersdorf thermal baths.

In the years that followed, the Leitner family was able to constantly increase the bed capacity, so that in October 1992, with the opening of the 2nd house, the Thermalhotel Leitner, the probable final phase was reached.

Run by Günther and Jutta Leitner, the hotel now has 150 beds and a total of 49 employees. They ensure that operations in the various departments run smoothly, so that our guests feel comfortable and are happy to come back.

Further conversions and renovations followed in the years from 2010 to 2017. The Flower Rooms and suites as well as the cocktail bar “Flower Lounge” were created.

In 2021, the Leitner family made good use of the prescribed break and in just 3 months the first part of the restaurant and the reception area were completely renovated.

During the most recent renovation in 2023, all 26 Classic double rooms and the rest of the restaurant were modernized.

In the meantime, the Thermal Hotel Leitner has been co-designed by the 3rd generation of Thomas Leitner and successfully operated together with Günter and Jutta Leitner.

"Living Art"

Ingrid Leitner - the artist

If you have ever been a guest of our house, you will have noticed the numerous works of art on the walls. There is something that distinguishes us from other wellness hotels – and that is the “living art” in our house. All the pictures you can see and many more come from Ingrid Leitner, our passionate artist.

Colors as a feel-good stimulus, shapes and proportions, materials and structure are very important in our house. Ms. Leitner tries to express all of this in her pictures. Many guests have already expressed their admiration for the impressive picture compositions that you will find exhibited in our house. And many a painting now hangs in a guest’s home and probably reminds him of a very nice hotel stay. In order to do justice to this aspect even better, we have set up a gallery in our house, which now presents the expressive work of our artist even more beautifully.

"Art is there to wash the dust of everyday life from the soul."

Pablo Picasso