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In our therapy studio we have selected treatments for you to bring your body and mind back into balance. Tensions or even chronic pain often lead to a massive loss of quality of life. Our extensively trained masseurs know many methods to alleviate your discomfort and ensure that you feel comfortable in your own skin again. The focus is on your individual needs and the optimal treatment with a long-lasting effect.

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Unser Kosmetikangebot

Classic massagen

Classic partial or full massage

A soothing and relaxing massage,
which stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

Treatment duration 25 min. 43 Euro
Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro

Reflexology of the feet

At the foot all organ systems,
Joints and muscles are reflected and are thus about the
Reflex zone treatment on the foot can be influenced.

Treatment duration 25 min. 47 Euro

Special massagen


The whole body is oiled with warm Indian oils.
The goal is to bring balance to the body and consciousness.

Treatment duration 50min. 79 Euro


After the individual discussion of your personal complaints
we will work with you to find the most effective treatment method for you

Treatment duration 75 min. 98 Euro

Lymphatic drainage

This very gentle treatment dehydrates
and detoxifies the tissue in case of congestion,
swelling and edema.

Treatment duration 25 min. 47 Euro
Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro

La Stone

La Stone combines energy work, massage and
the beneficial effects of warm and cool stones.
Blood circulation and metabolism are intensively stimulated and the
Musculature is relaxed. La Stone contributes
a deep relaxation with us activates the self-healing powers.

Treatment duration 75 min. 98 euros


The Breuss massage is an energetic spinal massage.
It causes gentle loosening, energizing and stretching
and extension of the spine and sacrum.

Treatment duration 50min. 78 Euro


Durch Shiatsu werden die körpereigenen Selbstheilungskräfte aktiviert
und Blockaden im Energiefluss gelöst.
Harmonie und Wohlbefinden sind das Ergebnis.
Zu dieser Behandlung kommen Sie bitte in leichter Trainingsbekleidung.

Behandlungsdauer 75min. Euro 98,–

Combination Massagen

Partial massage and foot reflex zone massage
Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro

Partial massage and lymphatic drainage
Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro

Partial massage with sea mud pack
Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro


Cupping/cellulite treatment

Deposited slags are removed by cupping,
Bonding in the tissue is loosened and a strong blood circulation is achieved.
Your “problem zones” are decongested and tightened.

Treatment duration 25 min. 43 Euro


The Raindrop treatment is an aroma treatment with essential oils
for the back.
Deep relaxation is made possible by using a warm back wrap.

Treatment duration 50min. 84 Euro

Time out for two


An individual massage side by side with oils of your choice,
including rest with a glass of sparkling wine.

Treatment duration 50min. per person 74 Euro

Kids Massagen

Chocolate massage

From head to toe you will be covered with our deliciously scented chocolate cream
doused and gently massaged. The chocolate fondue with fruit, which we will follow
serve to the massage, makes this treatment an unforgettable experience for you.

Treatment duration 20 min. 42 Euro

Children's massage treatment duration 20min. EUR 29.00

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