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When it comes to your beauty, you can rely entirely on our experienced beauticians. They work exclusively with high-quality products from Phytomer and Alessandro. Phytomer uses the effectiveness of the sea and sea plants for your beauty care. This combination has created a new type of care with effective effects and natural ingredients. Our competent team will be happy to help you choose the right treatment for you.

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Our range of cosmetics

Let go Deluxe


*1. Day: Full body peeling
*2. Day: Algae pack in a warm cocoon including massage with moisturizing lotion and contour cream
*3. Tag: Morpho Designer slimming treatment

Euro 166,–

Letting go for me

*Beauty Wrap
*Special Phytomer facial treatment
*Pedicure or manicure

Euro 149,–

Let go

Let go and let yourself be pampered

*Decongestive leg treatment

Euro 79,–

Let go for your beauty

*Phytomer facial treatment
*Pedicure or manicure

Euro 119,–

Phytomer Facial Treatment

Phytomer Facial Treatment

*Clean up
*Shape eyebrows
*Face and décolleté massage
*Ingredient Concentrate
*Final care

Classic treatment duration 50min. 75 Euro
Intensive with cleansing Duration of treatment 75min. 89 Euro

Pure relaxation during your facial treatment

A stimulating massage for your back or feet including a warming sea mud pack.
This will help your body to regain its natural energy and dynamism.
This promotes relaxation and optimizes the effect of the facial treatment.

Euro 35,–

Face massage

A soothing, stress-relieving massage with active ingredient concentrates that allows skin and soul to relax.

Treatment duration 20min. Euro 32,–

Beauty Kick

Ultrasound treatment for an even and smooth complexion
*Clean up
*Ingredient ampoule
*Face massage
*Final care

Treatment duration 25 min. Euro 49,–

Open eyes

Eye zone lifting and eye pack

*Youthful appearance
*Brightening effect
* Eliminates fatigue and opens the eyes

Treatment duration 20min. Euro 31,–


Eyelash and eyebrow coloring and shaping

Treatment duration 20min. Euro 31,–

Body Treatments

Special treatment Phytomer

The body is prepared with a brush massage and a marine peeling, followed by an algae wrap in a warm cocoon.
The treatment is rounded off by a manual massage with moisturizing lotion and contour cream.

Treatment duration 75 min. 110 Euro

Morpho Designer slimming treatment

Shapes the entire body with a triple effect: slimming, firming, skin quality.
After a smoothing peeling, the dream silhouette is refined with a modelling,
tightened and remodeled.
The skin looks perfect and radiant again.

Treatment duration 50min. 75 Euro

Body peeling

3-in-1 scrub with
*fruit acid
*Black sand

Treatment duration 35 min. 52 Euro

Chocolate Pack

Hot chocolate gives skin and senses a special wellness feeling.
Cocoa polyphenols capture and neutralize free radicals.
The valuable shea nut butter has a firming effect and gives the skin a smooth,
youthful, fresh complexion.

Treatment duration 35 min. 53,00 Euro

From hand to toe

Pedicure de luxe

*Pedicure with herbal foot bath
*Foot scrub
*Foot wrap
*Foot massage

EUR 56.00

Manicure de Luxe

*Manicure with hand bath
*Hand scrub
*Cuticle serum + hand pack

49,00 Euro

Pedicure with herbal foot bath Euro 45,--

Manicure Euro 39,--

Anti Stress Treatment


*Relaxing back massage
*Face massage
*Intensive moisturizing mask

Treatment duration 50min. 68 Euro

Anti-Stress-Treatment incl. sea mud pack

Holistic well-being, effective relaxation with remineralization and detoxification of the back thanks to self-warming sea mud.

EUR 83.00

Special Treatment

Anti-Aging-Care for vital skin

The ultimate youth-preserving treatment.
Including a firming modellage.

Treatment duration 75 min. EUR 119.00

3D face and eye treatment
Targeted anti-aging eye care

*Precise zone peeling
*fruit acid
*Dry massage with correction sticks
*Muscle Relaxing Serum
*Wrinkle Filling Serum
*Special massage
*Lifting mask
*Final care

Treatment duration 75 min. EUR 139.00

Cream packs

Evening primrose oil cream pack

With a body scrub, the skin is optimally prepared for the cream pack.
The cream pack with evening primrose oil under the heat cocoon soothes the skin
and bring them back into balance.

Treatment duration 50min. 72 Euro

Aloe-Vera-Cream pack

This cooling, moisturizing cream pack pampers especially dry and sensitive skin.

Treatment duration 35 min. EUR 53.00

Other applications

*Resin legs €46,–
*Resin lower leg €29,–
*armpit resin €18,–
*Resin bikini zone €24,–
*Resin the upper lip or chin €9,–

*Shape eyebrows €14,–
* Eyebrow tinting €9,–
* Eyelash tinting €14,–
*paint nails €9,–

Cosmetic for kids

Manicure Treatment duration 20min. Euro 23,–

Pedicure treatment duration 20min. 24 Euro
Children’s facial Treatment duration 35min. 42 Euro

Cosmetic for men

Facial treatment

The facial treatment with exclusive marine active ingredients from the sea
is precisely tailored to male needs.
This treatment gives tired men’s skin a healthy and strong expression.

Treatment duration 50min. 75 Euro

Pure man thing

Special men’s treatment for the back and face with deep-cleansing back care
and a soothing relaxation massage and self-warming sea mud.
The facial treatment with exclusive marine active ingredients and the Refloxthermale method
is precisely tailored to male grooming needs.

Treatment duration 80 min. 110 Euro

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