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at Bad Loipersdorf

20 06 2024
27 06 2024

Thermal golf course

Embedded in the meadows of the Feistritz and Lafnitz lies the Loipersdorf spa golf course. Due to Pannonian climatic influences, the summer game season in Loipersdorf usually begins at the beginning of March and does not end until December. The thermal golf course, a 27-hole championship course, blends harmoniously into the natural river meadows on the border between Styria and Burgenland. The thermal golf course offers enough sporting challenge for good handicappers as well as for golf beginners. In the clubhouse, our guests and members will find enough space in the spacious cloakrooms and caddy rooms.

Golf enjoyment and spa fun – two ideas in one go!
In addition to the wonderful golf sport, you can also enjoy the numerous offers of the thermal spa region. Take a journey into another world and follow the castle road. The attached Loipersdorf thermal baths invite you to relax after your round.

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Thermengolf Loipersdorf

...where the sun shines longer

Golf for beginners

Interested in golf? Would you like to try playing golf without obligation? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Golf is one of the most versatile and varied sports. It is a perfect combination of fun, nature, relaxation, technology and physical and mental challenge.

Golf is independent of age – the little ones like to grab their clubs just as much as the big ones and it is not uncommon for the golf fever to infect entire families, who then play their rounds together at the weekend or on vacation.