Bad Loipersdorf

Opening Hours

With our thermal package the entrance fee to the THERME LOIPERSDORF SPA is included daily from 7am to 9pm!

Every Friday you can enjoy the spa until 11pm!

Every 1st Friday of the month, the spa “Thermal Bath” is open for you until 1am. A starry sky and gentle guitar music offer a unique experience. All those who like it hot can fill up their energy tanks with the guided special infusions in the “Sun Sauna”.

Our three thermal worlds


Our thermal bath offers pure relaxation. Wonderful side effects: You recharge with a joy of life. It happens all by itself in the indoor and outdoor pools. Let yourself be tickled by the massage jets and the sun or enjoy the peace in the whirlpool . If you switch between the cold and hot pools you will bubble over with energy.

Dive into highly mineralized 36° C thermal water . Discover the different saunas in the "Sun Sauna". Relax on the lounge chair. Exit the "AlphaShere Cocoon", deeply relaxed or breathe deeply in the salt grotto. It is this offer of recreation that restores your vitality.


Our water park is a favorite place of the youngest and young at heart, families and best friends. It is a spa world full of exuberance, butterflies in the tummy and thrills, which awakens “the inner child” in adults as well.  Water fun from 0 to 99! Whether as a couple, a circle of friends or a family, we’ll remember forever when we were together cheering for joy. These are moments like this in the water park for fun-living guests of all generations. 5 slides, sports pool, indoor play ground, outdoor area... and many more!


Our exclusive wellness rest oasis for everyone 16 years and over.
These are the moments in which you want to recharge your batteries, which make our Schaffelbad so special. Here you can enjoy a time out, which frees your view for the essentials. On 8,500 m² you will experience wellness and a pampering program for body, mind and soul – and exclusively for guests 16 years and over! Feel free (without clothes)! Feeling well should be easy. This is why the Schaffelbad offers unique sauna enjoyment with numerous pools and resting areas, where you can relax without bathing suits. In addition, there are also areas for those who prefer to relax in swimwear.
Loslassen - Erleben - Stärken

the magical healing water

At a temperature of 62 ° C, the Loipersdorfer thermal water is transported from 1,200 meters deep to the surface. Because our water is only slightly cooled down for use in the spa, its original form is largely untreated and can thus fully unfold its healing power. With approximately 7,000 mg of dissolved mineral ingredients per liter, we are the thermal bath with the most mineralized water in Eastern Styria, which particularly promotes the healing of joint and spinal disorders. The special combination of cations and anions is also conducive to soft tissue rheumatismtherapy after injuries and during periods of exhaustion. The high salt content has a positive effect on the movement apparatus and thus facilitates the relief of the joints.

Experience our springs with all your senses

Out of gratitude for our healing water, we have redesigned our Lautenberg spring. Visit our spring and feel the special atmosphere that radiates from this place.

By deliberately shaping our springs, we want to intensify the vibrations of joy, gratitude and respect, which are connected with our healing water. The Lautenberg spring can now be experienced with all the senses.